Adventure and Relaxation in the Columbia Valley

Nestled between the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Purcell range to the west, the Columbia Valley stretches from Canal Flats in the south to the city of Golden in the north, following the meandering upper Columbia River from its headwaters at Columbia Lake. The valley features clear, sparkling lakes, some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world, hiking trails, ski resorts, championship golf courses, hot springs, unique shops and cultural festivals. The Columbia Wetlands is one of the largest marsh systems in the world. Each spring, as hundreds of bird species return to their nesting grounds in the north, it is celebrated by communities in the valley with the ‘Wings Over the Rockies’ festival.


Day 1

Hot Springs Loop
Hot Springs Loop
Outdoor Adventure | Scenic Drives

Hot springs occur naturally in the Kootenay Rockies and the region boasts six hot springs resorts – Ainsworth, Canyon, Fairmont, Halcyon, Nakusp and Radium Hot Springs - each located in the midst of beautiful mountainous scenery. If you prefer a…

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Canal Flats, British Columbia
Canal Flats, British Columbia
Community | Appealing Downtown Area

The Village of Canal Flats is situated on a large alluvial fan formed by the Kootenay River. In 1808, David Thompson named these flats McGillivray's Portage after crossing from Columbia Lake to the Kootenay River. At this location, Columbia Lake -…

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Columbia Lake
Columbia Lake
Natural Area | Lake, River, or Waterfall

Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains 50 miles north of Cranbrook and filling a nine-mile gash in the Rocky Mountain Trench, lies the often rippled waters of Columbia Lake, source of the mighty Columbia River that empties in the Pacific…

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Sinclair Creek Greenway Trail
Sinclair Creek Greenway Trail
Outdoor Adventure | Hiking Trail or Trailhead

This trail follows the work of the Village of Radium Hot Springs and The Columbia River Greenways Alliance to restore a section of Sinclair Creek for re-introduction of Kokanee Salmon. Restoration work included installation of structures,…

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Day 2

Wings Over the Rockies Festival
Festival or Event | Festival Event

The magnificent upper Columbia Valley in the Canadian Rockies is the setting for a 7-day celebration that welcomes over 265 species of birds back home to the rich wetlands that flank the mighty Columbia River.

Wings Over the Rockies Bird…

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Columbia Wetlands Adventures
Columbia Wetlands Adventures
Outdoor Adventure | Guide or Outfitter

Guided Float Trips

Columbia Wetland Adventures is so much more than just a river trip. It's an exploration into the depths of North America's longest intact wetlands. The wetlands are surrounded by the towering stunning…

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