West Castle Wetlands Weed Pull 2016

This is the ninth year that the West Castle Wetlands Weed Pull has taken place! Invasive species such as thistle, toad flax, and ox eye daisy have been visibly reduced as a result of our efforts.  Continued management will prevent their spread throughout the wetland and into neighboring ecosystems.

At 9:30 am, volunteers will be signed up and an invasive species orientation will occur.  Groups and locations to target will be assigned.  The weed pullers will be supported by quads and others helping remove the bagged weeds.  Everyone is invited to stay for the BBQ afterwards.  Prizes and a great bunch of folks to network will make this the highlight weed pull of the season!

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Latitude: 49.383414 Longitude: -114.425781 Elevation: 5609 ft
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Types of Volunteer Work Available

Arrive dressed to work in the wetlands with shoes or boots that you can get wet, long pants, a shirt with sleeves, hat, sunscreen, rain coat in case of thunder showers, insect repellent, and a sack lunch. 


Activity Level


Appropriate Ages for Volunteer Opportunity

Teenage to adult

Special Skills that May be Required or Helpful

Weed identification, outdoor trail work, hand pulling, should be fit enough to hike off trail, wade creeks and have a good time doing it.  The walk into the wetlands is not very long, and there is quad support to help carry bags of weeds out of the wetland.

Dates for Volunteer Opportunity

7/25/2016 – 7/25/2016

Typical Size of Groups

5 - 10

Access to Volunteer Site

Gravel Road

Expenses Volunteer Should Expect

BBQ provided afterwards

Volunteers should pack their own lunch, but can borrow equipment if they need too.

Volunteer should arrange transportation to the West Castle Wetlands and meet at the Castle Community Association headquarters in the townsite.

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