Bison Paddock Loop Road

Bison Paddock Loop Road is inside Waterton Lakes National Park and provides opportunities to see bison grazing in their natural grassland habitat. View the small herd of bison from the overlook or drive the loop within the Bison Paddock. The breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, Chief Mountain and the rolling plains are incredible.

This stop is a great addition when traveling The Cowboy Trail and visiting the Waterton Lakes National Park.

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Latitude: 49.131599 Longitude: -113.86122 Elevation: 4414 ft
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Type of Wildlife Often Seen

Small herd of plains bison.

Places and Pointers for Viewing

There is an overlook just before the actual Bison Paddock Loop. This allows you to get out of your vehicle and take in the views and a possible sighting of the bison herd. The best bison viewing opportunities will be in the actual paddock. *Do not get out of your vehicle when you are in the Bison Paddock. These animals can be unpredictable. 

Driving Directions

The paddock is actually accessed from Hwy 6, just north of the Park's main entrance. Look for the Bison Paddock Road on the east side of Hwy 6. A parking lot with overlook will appear almost immediately on the Bison Paddock Road. To drive the Bison Paddock Loop continue past overlook and you will see a gate into the paddock enclosure. Enter through gate and proceed in a counterclockwise direction on the loop. *It takes about 7 minutes to drive the loop if you don't stop.

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