Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery | Browning, Montana

The Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery, owned and operated by the Blackfeet Nation's Siyeh Corporation, exhibits and sells a full range of art media, including paintings, sculpture, beadwork, pottery, drums and literature. The gallery features the work of more than 500 artists from 16 separate North American tribes.

The center also features the smallest and most complete skeleton of a juvenile tyrannosaur found in North America. The dinosaur was about three years of age when it died, perhaps drowning in an ancient river 73 million years ago. The tyrannosaur was very closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex. Its blade-shaped, serrated teeth indicate that it was a flesh-eater rather than a bone crusher like adult tyrannosaurs.

The Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery is open daily in the summer, is handicap accessible and admission is free.

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Latitude: 48.5561295 Longitude: -113.0203094 Elevation: 4383 ft

Hours Open

Sunday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Seasons Open

June - October

Driving Directions

The Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery is located at 333 Central Avenue West in Browning.

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