Blackfeet Metal Warriors | Blackfeet Nation, Montana

From scraps of rusted automobiles, bits of barbed wire and the stones of an old mission school, artist Jay Laber created a statue of two Native American warriors astride their horses at each of the four entrances to the Blackfeet Reservation. Located in scenic turnouts, off either US Highway 2 or Montana 89, at each of the four entrances to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Jay's artwork is based on the principle of Native American tradition that you make use of what's available to you in your natural environment. He uses man-made objects left behind in nature long ago, creating images of his native culture today.

The bases of these warriors were built with recycled sandstone blocks from the Holy Family Mission, built in the late 1800s on the Two Medicine River. The horses and riders were constructed of old cars which were destroyed in the Flood of June 8, 1964.

When entering the Blackfeet Nation from any of the four directions, you will be welcomed by two metal warriors on horseback. The northern site is located near the US-Canadian border on Highway 89, in the east on Highway 2 west of Cut Bank, in the west near East Glacier on Highway 2, and in the south on Highway 89 near Birch Creek.


Latitude: 48.4375992 Longitude: -113.2176285 Elevation: 4765 ft

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