Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

International Sculpture Park celebrates the rich cultural, environmental and industrial heritage of the Blackfoot Valley. Artists in Residence will produce pieces every year for Sculpture in the Wild sculpture park, on the edge of Lincoln. The sculpture park was established in September 2014.
Nestled in the Blackfoot Valley, Lincoln, Montana has been the center of rich, often conflicting, social, cultural and environmental values. Mining, logging and ranching have been the community's key economic drivers throughout its history. As the logging and mining industries have subsided over the past 25 years the community finds itself at a crossroads in both economic and cultural development. Reflecting on its history and looking towards the future, the community has chosen contemporary art practice to act as both a creative and economic catalyst.

The 2014 sculpture symposium brought internationally respected symposium artists Steven Siegel (USA), Jorn Ronnau (Denmark), Jaakko Pernu (Finland), Alan Counihan (Ireland), Brandon Ballengee (USA) and Kevin O’Dwyer (Ireland)  on site to  engage with it’s landscape, exploring it’s historical, environmental and industrial history, through contemporary art practice. This engagement and following year symposiums will:

Place artists and art at the center of planning, execution and activity.
Provide community engagement through hands-on participation and education thus encouraging creative expression. 

  • Create a community identity and a “sense of place”.
  • Promote Lincoln as an “art destination” providing cultural and economic development.
  • Provide long term opportunities for economic and cultural agencies to invest in the community.
  • Provide the framework for the development of a vibrant artist community thus improving the quality of life in rural Montana.
  • Encourage social, cultural and economic vibrancy in the Blackfoot Valley.


Latitude: 46.956905 Longitude: -112.658549 Elevation: 4577 ft
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