Blackfoot Watershed and Community Project | Ovando, Montana

The Blackfoot Challenge
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Latitude: 47.01914978 Longitude: -113.13218689 Elevation: 4092 ft

Organization Focus

The Blackfoot Challenge coordinates efforts to enhance, conserve and protect the natural resources and rural lifestyles of the Blackfoot River Valley for present and future generations. Supports environmentally responsible resource stewardship through cooperation of private and public interests.

Non-Profit Type and Status


Highlights of Recent Accomplishments

Established the Blackfoot Community Conservation area (BCCA) as part of the Blackfoot Community Project. This area in a national model for collaboration between government and private entities. The BCCA encompasses 41,000 acres that is cooperatively managed across private and public ownerships. The core of the area is a 5,600 acre parcel of actively managed forested area on behalf of the community. An important goal of the project is to promote natural resource education and research opportunities for learning about local ecology and managemant through interaction with resource managers and researchers.

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Additional Benefits Available from Contributing

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive the Blackfoot Challenge Annual Report.

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