Blueweed Blitz | Pincher Creek, Alberta

Blueweed Blitz is an annual event where volunteers travel with landowners to remote sections of the Pincher Creek. Averaging over 70 volunteers annually, volunteers pick, bag and remove noxious and invasive weeds from the shoreline of the Pincher Creek.

Volunteers arrive at a central location at 9:30 AM to be assigned to a section of the creek and a landowner volunteer. Afterwards, everyone returns for an Alberta Beef dinner and cool beverages to end off the day of improving the health of the Pincher Creek and it's watershed.

Tools are distributed at the meeting place and you are driven to your area where you spend the day removing these invasive species.

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Latitude: 49.413429 Longitude: -114.01989 Elevation: 4196 ft
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Types of Volunteer Work Available

Weed Pickers, strong hands, solid work effort and determination.

Activity Level


Appropriate Ages for Volunteer Opportunity

10 - 80

Special Skills that May be Required or Helpful

Passion to improve the health of the watershed and surrounding areas.

Dates for Volunteer Opportunity

7/13/2019 – 7/13/2019

Typical Size of Groups


Access to Volunteer Site

Gravel Road

Expenses Volunteer Should Expect

No expenses. Tools are provided. Afterwards, there is an appreciation dinner for all of the volunteers.

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