Bynum, Montana

Bynum is a great little stop between Choteau and Browning. Existing for over 100 years, this quaint town offers quite the hidden gems. The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is one of fourteen stops on the Dinosaur Trail. It is one of only two dinosaur research centers in Montana and offers public digs. Check out what is believed to be the world's longest dinosaur. When you're done looking for dinosaur fossils grab some snacks at the general store and stroll around the Trex Agate Shop. Marion Brandvold opened the agate shop in 1937 and is best known for being the first person to find baby dinosaurs in a nest.

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Latitude: 47.977714 Longitude: -112.311987 Elevation: 3974 ft
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Sheena Pate

Community Highlights

  • Two Medicine Dinosaur Center
  • Trex Agate Shop
  • Quick access to Blackleaf Canyon Rock Climbing Area
  • Access to Bob Marshall Wilderness Trailheads

High Season Dates (Time periods when community is most busy with visitors)

Summer (July - September)

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