Cowley Ridge Wind Farm | Cowley, Alberta

Cowley Ridge is a great place to witness the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. A line of tall windmills harvest the westerly winds emanating from the Rocky Mountains. At the same time, drilling rigs penetrate the same landscape in a quest for methane gas accumulated over millions of years in coal and shale deposits. Oblivious to humanity's energy quest above and beneath them, cattle graze contentedly amid the towers and derricks.

While landowners are only meagerly compensated for the extraction of oil and gas, they earn substantial income from wind projects, which also boast a smaller environmental footprint.


Latitude: 49.551387787 Longitude: -114.089584351 Elevation: 3903 ft

Dates and Times

Best Times to Go: Anytime of year.

Accessibility Notes

View the wind farm from Provincial Highway 3 between Lundbreck and Pincher Creek Station.

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