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The Dames on the Range want to introduce you to the western lifestyle starting in this corner of Alberta - to proudly showcase our country values, our proud heritage, our sacred traditions and our open range! 

You could meet these Dames on any expedition through the country and when you do connect with one of us, we’ll be happy to introduce you to more.  These are folks that are considered assets on the ‘good-neighbour scale.’ 

The Dames’ journey began over 10 years ago when this group was formed to create an alliance to support our rural economic community.  There is a bounty of operators, primarily owned or managed by women, west of Calgary and down towards the Oldman River through the sacred Porcupine Hills and further East to the Cypress Hills that could offer a variety of experiences and complement each other to enhance our visitors’ experiences.  Everyone benefits with this arrangement – the economic region retains dollars spent during the stay within this area, each operator earns revenue generated income, and our consumer enjoys a wholesome holiday with a depth of experiences.

What began as a method to market each other, for each other has turned into partnerships, with communities networking together to encourage visitors to learn more about their rangeland.  Whether it’s on working cattle ranches or the pristine landscape of Alberta’s Parks, they are eager to share their unique perspective of life on the range.  Join them on a guided-interpretive hike or ride to discover the native wildflowers adorning the hillsides or learn about the wildlife and livestock that share it for grazing.  Relax in safe, comfortable surroundings or get busy outdoors in wondrous landscapes with fresh air and a clear vista.  Many of the ranches offer tours - range and riparian management are important components of responsible stewardship.  Stories of the region will abound and many will be true – some documented events may be verified by the staff at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site but there are plenty of family tales about the area that will be told around the campfire too. 


We invite guests to join us in the country, immerse them in the culture of this special place, promote the preservation of our values, honour our heritage and share our unique perspective of these features: 

Landscape Awareness “Sustainable range provides nutritious forage for livestock and wildlife, has aesthetically pleasing scenery and is environmentally sound; all healthy by-products of responsible stewardship.” (D Webster, 2007)

Western Lifestyle –  ID native flora and fauna, horsemanship, significance of seasonal ‘chores’, how traditional cattle outfits update operations by merging science with practical methods

Rural Appreciation – learn what makes country-living special, challenges of the modern cowboy, time-honoured foundations and origins of a small community, how we work and play and what we do for stress-relief – country-style!

You are welcome to join us on https://www.facebook.com/Dames.on.the.Range for more updated activities and events in our rural communities.  Check our individual Dames facebook pages for specific details about each of their operations including locations, products and services available.

The group has reason to be proud of their efforts to create an alliance and combine their forces to offer a valuable product for our visitors to this part of the Crown of the Continent.

Best Places to Go

We are mainly located along the Eastern Slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains but we can be found across this province and into the next - including some of our northern US neighbours!  All of the Dames on the Range have an interest in stewardship . . . of the landscape and of ourselves.  


Best Times to Go:
Most of our Dames on the Range businesses are open year round but it is best to check as some seasons are better than others for outdoor activity options.

What You Should Know Before You Go:
Contact any of the Dames on the Range for details.  Skills levels for hiking - moderate.  Horseback Riding - some of our operators offer training to fine-tune your equine skills. Appropriate clothing is necessary.  Any of our Dames on the Range will be pleased to assist.

• Alberta Parks, Dame Heidi Facebook Page Alberta Parks,
• Anchor K Creations Handcrafted Jewelry, Dame Kerry Facebook Page
Ann Edall-Robson and Dakatama, Dame Ann Facebook Page Email: dakatama@me.com
Brown Creek Wild Rags, Dame Shaunere fb  Email: shaunere@telus.net
Centre Peak High Country Adventures, Dame Kate fb Email: cphca@hotmail.ca 
• Chimney Rock Bed and Breakfast, Dame Debbie Jo Facebook Page  Email: websterranch@xplornet.ca
Chimney Rock Ranch Wellness Retreat, Dame Sheila fb Email: sheilaharvie@gmail.com
Classic Rodeo, Dame Audi fb  Email: classicrodeo@gmail.com 
Cowboy Country Western Store, Dame Shawna. fb Email: cowboycc@telus.net
• Custom Horsehair & Wool Creations, Dame Donna Facebook Page
• Delree’s Native Art Gallery, Dame Delree Facebook Page
• Equine Connections, Dame Terri Email: connections@platinum.ca
• Friends of the Bar U, Bar U Ranch National Historic Site Facebook Page
• Full Circle Adventures, Dame Julie Website Email: julie@fullcircleadventures.com
• Herbal Healing Inc , Dame Elizabeth Facebook Page Email: herbalhealing@shaw.ca
• Herbal Healing, Dame Jo-Anne fb Email: herbalhealing@shaw.ca
• Janet Sippola – western artist, Dame Janet Email: sippola.westernart@gmail.com 
• Jardi Welsch Photography, Dame Jardi Facebook Page Email: jardi_m@hotmail.com 
• Joyce Pallister-Bronsch, Author/entertainer, Grande Dame Joyce Email: joyce.pallister@gmail.com
• Judy Dahl Stock Photography, Dame Judy Facebook Page Email: judydahl@judydahl.com
• Kayben Farms, Dame Judy Facebook Page Email: judy@kayben.com
Kim Taylor Fine Art Photography, Dame Kim Facebook Page
• Little Creeks and Rough Fescue Appreciation Society, Dame Sarah Email: dnmandm@gmail.com
• Lucasia Ranch, Dame Judy  
• Massage Dame Connie Email: mckenziec@xplornet.com 
• McRae Silver, Dame Kelly Facebook Page
• Om on the Range, Dame Tammi Rae Facebook Page Email: trhenke@me.com
• Oxley Ranch, Dame Jennifer
Reesor Ranch, Dame Teresa Facebook Page Historic Reesor Ranch Cypress Hills
Sierra West Cabins and Ranch Vacations, Dame Ginny Facebook Page Email: info@sierrawestcabins.com 
Silver Valley Ranch, Dame Meagan Email: meagan@silvervalleyranch.com
Sunwired, Dame Pam Asheton – photo journalist Facebook Page Pam Asheton Email: sunwired@hotmail.com
• Taste of Country Cookhouse Concession, Dame Praba Email: thvlyfrm@yahoo.com
Trail’s End Beef, Dame Rachel Facebook Page
• Western ELements Photography, Dame El Facebook Page
Western Horse Review, Dame Jennifer Facebook Page
Where Memories are Made, Dame Beryl Anne Facebook Page Email: memoriesaremade@gmail.com
Wild About Flowers, Dame Arden  Email: contactus@wildaboutflowers.ca 
Willow Valley Soapworks, Dame Wendy Email: soapgal@shaw.ca
Winning Strides, Dame Laurie Facebook Page Email: laurie@winningstrides.com
• Wow and Then, Dame Pam Facebook Page


Latitude: 50.206352 Longitude: -114.190521 Elevation: 4316 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Debbie Webster


Accessibility Notes

Driving Directions:
The core group of our operations may be found between Hwy #2 and Hwy #22 (The Cowboy Trail)  from Calgary down through to the Crowsnest Pass.  Check our facebook pages for more information about who can be found where as some of our partners are further afield!  Now from Sundre area to the SE corner of the province in the Cypress Hills!

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