Do Your Part! for Climate Friendly Parks

Reduce your Carbon Footprint and support Glacier National Park
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What You Can Do

The Do Your Part program enables visitors to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting Glacier National Park and 11 other "Climate Friendly Parks" that have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program, sponsored by the National Parks Conservation Association in partnership with the National Park Service, seeks to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Glacier visitors and gateway communities by 7 million pounds in 2008.

Log onto to participate. Use an on-line calculator to estimate your personal greenhouse gas emissions or your family’s emissions. Explore actions you and your family can take to lower your emissions while reducing energy and waste disposal costs. For each action you choose to take, the calculator displays the amount of emissions you could avoid and how that amount relates to your total emissions.

A Climate Friendly Park is a national park that has pledged to track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Glacier National Park has been a Climate Friendly Park since 2006 and has already improved the energy efficiency, public transportation, and recycling efforts in the park. Do Your Part allows visitors the same opportunity!

At the site you'll be able to -

- sign up and create your personal profile - calculate your carbon footprint using the EPA emissions calculator - find out how to reduce your emissions and save on energy costs - pledge your savings to help your favorite Climate Friendly Park.

What the Result Will Be

When is comes to climate change, individual action is just as important as federal legislation. Park visitors and supporters will be empowered to make simple changes in their lives that, when combined with others, make a big difference!

For example - Buildings are responsible for approximately half of all US energy consumption and CO2 emissions annually. Building operations alone, i.e., heating, cooling, lighting, hot water and the plug load, account for 43% of total US CO2 emissions and 76% of total US electricity consumption. Therefore, to have any real impact on climate change, it is essential to address CO2 emissions in buildings.

During your next visit to Glacier, you can begin to do your part by parking your car and catching a free shuttle bus over the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Initiated in 2007, the shuttle service last summer kept an estimated 800 to 1,000 cars per day off the historic route across the Continental Divide.

Several wildlife species in Glacier, such as mountain goats, pika, and grizzly bears, could lose key habitat as plant communities shift due to global warming. By doing your part now, you can contribute to the long-term conservation of these magnificent animals.

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