Flathead Lake Monster | Montana

Almost every large lake or loch has its monster and Flathead Lake is no exception.

Since the first sighting reported in 1889, 79 accounts of a large-sized objects have been documented. Most (92 percent) observations have occurred during the months of April through September.

What is it the people see? The object most frequently (70 percent) described is a large eel shape creature that reachs in length from 20 to 40 feet. It is round, brown to blue-black in color, and possesses very obvious steely-black eyes and undulating hips. Others identify it as a large-sized fish from 6 to 10 feet in length.

The most obvious point made during the recorded narratives is that the sighters were not drinking or on drugs and that they hate to talk about it to anyone for fear of being identified as a “weirdo” or worse.

As I gaze out on the lake from Wayfarers State Park, what is that that seems to have just surfaced on the calm waters? Hmmm… to the right and just to the left of the dead tree ... the monster????

GASP!…. oh, it’s a log…..I think it is a log…I’m pretty sure that is a log…

Photos were taken from Wayfarer’s Park on November 30, 2008.




Latitude: 48.059781 Longitude: -114.078403 Elevation: 2930 ft

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