Glacier and Waterton National Parks Road Scholar Programs

Delight in Glacier's glorious terrain with a variety of programs offered by Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel), the world's leading education and travel organization.

Road Scholar programs in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park have been offered for more than 28 years, and are led by some of the best guides, naturalists, and instructors in the Glacier area. Explore the beauty and wonder of these parks with others who love learning and adventure. Join us in revealing the story of this magnificent landscape, from ancient geology and glaciation to today's habitat conditions that support diverse flora and fauna. Watch grizzlies, black bears, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and even wolverines in their natural surroundings. Our knowledgeable and entertaining instructors provide memorable learning experiences while creating an awareness of the role our prestigious national parks play in sustaining these wild places for future generations.

Our itineraries focus on local culture, ecology, wildlife, hiking, and- of course- glaciers, which you'll want to see before they disappear. We provide Road Scholars from all over the world the opportunity to participate in unique, comprehensive activities in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a world heritage site and the world's first international peace park. Choose from moderate to strenuous hiking programs, or enjoy a more relaxed pace as you stroll with world-class naturalists in easier activity level programs. There are even intergenerational programs that allow you to share this experience with your grandchildren. 

Whatever your interest in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, we have an itinerary and program to suit you. Our programs include:

*Birding in Glacier National Park (traveling program)

*The Best of Glacier National Park (based at Motel Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park)

*Trailside Glacier: Hiking in Glacier National Park (traveling program)

*Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks (traveling program) 

*Glacier National Park Adventure: Raft, Ride, & Slide (intergenerational program housed in Kalispell, MT)

*Health and Hiking in Glacier National Park (housed in West Glacier, MT)

For more information, including program dates, rates, and availability, please contact Road Scholar at or call The Black Hills Educational Institute toll-free at 1-866-654-2848.

Host or Sponsoring Group for Experience: The Black Hills Educational Institute

Appropriate Ages for Experience: 55 years and older



Latitude: 49.14219 Longitude: -114.024353 Elevation: 5820 ft
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I would like information on visiting Glacier National Park. Easy navigation for this summer/fall.

Jeanne Reiter, 1/7/2017

Jeanne summer/fall are spectacular times to visit the GNP. Winter is pretty amazing too, because you have the park to yourself. We recommend taking the Glacier Express Shuttle from Whitefish, MT to GNP. This will connect you to the free shuttle system within the park or you can hop on a historic Red Bus Tour. *Riding Amtrak's Empire Builder is a great option to navigating around the park too. Feel free to email for more information specific to your interests.

Sheena Pate, Travel Planning, 1/10/2017

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