Kainai Pow Wow & Celebration | Stand Off, Alberta

The Blood Tribe hosts its annual Kainai Pow Wow & Celebration on the third weekend of July near Stand Off, in Southwest Alberta.

Pow wows are traditional events in which First Nations people invite people from other places into their community for a celebration of culture and traditions.

Kainai Pow Wow & Celebration attracts hundreds of the top First Nations dancers on the Pow Wow Trail to compete in a variety of dance categories. In addition, a professional rodeo is also part of the celebration, with competition in timed and rough stock events.

Another key component of Kainai celebrations is the bestowing of honourary Blackfoot chieftanships on people whose work has improved the lives of Blood Tribe members.

First Nations communities welcome visitors to their pow wows.

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Latitude: 49.489536285 Longitude: -113.323974609 Elevation: 3239 ft

Event Dates

7/19/2019 – 7/21/2019

Type of Festival

Town Celebration or Festival

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