Kehoe’s Agate Shop, Bigfork, MT

Started in 1932, this shop is a must see for visitors to the Bigfork area and will delight young and old with the extensive collection of rocks and miniature carvings for little ones to enjoy. They also specialize in Montana’s famous cornflower blue Yogo sapphire. As a local, our year isn’t complete without a visit to our favorite rock shop!

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Latitude: 48.069781 Longitude: -114.109178 Elevation: 2900 ft
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Description of Store or Stores

Inside is a treasure trove of fossils, minerals, polished and precious stones along with fine jewelry. This is a quaint, cozy building steeped with family history. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

This iconic rock shop is located near the former townsite of Holt and was built from the timbers of the steamboat Helena. The Helena was built by James Kehoe Sr. In 1915.

Operating Hours

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am -5:00 pm

Seasons or Months Open

Open year round

Driving Directions

From MT 35 and Holt Drive, travel west on Holt Drive for 2.3 miles and turn left for another .1 mile to 1020 Holt Drive; Kehoe’s is on the left.


I enjoyed the visit to Kehoes Agate Shop. It had been since ’62, since we stopped there on a trip to the worlds fair in Seattle. Dad had worked with Jack Kehoe at the Ft. Peck Dam in the 30's and wanted to make sure he was able to see him again. Dad bought my brother and sister & I simple rings, which we cherished. I wish I hadn't worn mine so much. I remember losing the stone in my uncles barn, closing the sliding door. I looked and looked for the stone, but couldn't find it. I wish I would have listened more to the stories Jack & Dad shared at the time... But at 13, I guess I was interested in other things. Thanks for the memories. I may come back again to buy a ring similar to the one I lost. Wishing the shop to continue in the family for decades more! Connie Estenson Johnston. Daughter of Herman Estenson

Connie Estenson Johnston, 10/23/2018

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