Maskinonge Lake | Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Enjoy a picnic and do some sightseeing at the Maskinonge - Waterton's largest and most noticeable wetlands area. Spot as many plants, birds and animals as you can. You may be lucky enough to hear the booming call of the Sandhill Crane, or witness an osprey fishing! 

Located within Waterton Lakes National Park, near the park gates, this lake is a seasonal favourite for birds and birders. The Blackfoot people trace the origins of the sacred beaver bundle, with its preserved animal hides and waterfowl skins, to this place.

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Latitude: 49.10724 Longitude: -113.841212 Elevation: 4183 ft

Type of Wildlife Often Seen

Deer, elk, sandhill cranes, bears, and a wide range of ducks and geese depending on the season.

Best Times of the Day for Viewing

Sunrise and sunset

Places and Pointers for Viewing

Canoe and kayak provide an excellent perspective.

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