Oldman River Valley Wilderness Park | Fort Macleod, Alberta

The River Valley Wilderness Park is home to a host of prairie and riparian wildlife, including: beaver, muskrat, white tail and mule deer, the occasional moose and bob cat. The evening and morning hours are best for wildlife spotting in this urban wilderness park.  A wonderful park to walk in, right in the middle of the small town of Fort Macleod.  This is a day use park, full of wildlife amongst spectacular cottonwood stands. You can camp just west of this park in the Oldman River Provincial Recreation Area (just off Hwy 2 at the Oldman River crossing.

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Latitude: 49.73291 Longitude: -113.406029 Elevation: 3064 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Heidi Eijgel

Key Access Points to this Wilderness or Conservation Area

Travel to the community of Fort MacLeod,  Alberta, Canada. From Fort MacLeod travel north on 6th Avenue, crossing the MacKenzie Bridge. On the other side of the bridge take the first exit on your left to reach the parking area for the park.

you can access the park from several locations within Fort Macleod.  A nice riverside trail is accessible from the west side of town, near the Sunset Motel.  You can walk the entire length of the park, along the river on fairly nice trails just on the north edge of town.

Highlights of this Wilderness Area or Conservation Area

Superb birding, bird watching, wildlife viewing, spectacular stands of rare cottonwood forest, berries, nice walking trails, hiking, walking, quiet and accessible urban park. 

Best Seasons or Dates to Visit

Spring for bird migration, summer for hiking under the shade of the cottonwoods, fall to see the colors and find the berries and for bird migration.


This wilderness area is within easy walking distance of Fort Macleod--so we bought a house very close to the bridge that accesses the park. To be able to walk ones dogs to such a riverside treasure with its abundance of wildlife all year round made it easy to select Fort Macleod as an ideal retirement spot.

S.Jones, 5/16/2017

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