Science and History Day

From mountain goats to melting glaciers, rare alpine aquatic insects and oral histories, discover what the scientists and historians have recently been up to in these parks. The latest wildlife, vegetation and cultural discoveries in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

All under one roof for one incredible day, you can find and ask questions of the latest wildlife, vegetation and historical discoveries in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

Each summer on the fourth Tuesday in July, scientists and historians conducting research in the International Peace Park gather to share their knowledge and findings with the public and park staff at this international event.

Science and History Day alternates across the international border between the two national parks: Waterton Lakes on even years, Glacier on odd years. Admission to the respective park still applies, but the all-day event is free and open to everyone.

Consider bringing a bagged lunch to optimize your time visiting with fellow enthusiasts during the lunch break. Refreshments are provided by the host park mid-morning and afternoon.


Latitude: 49.083333 Longitude: -113.916667 Elevation: 6605 ft
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Dates for Volunteer Opportunity

7/25/2017 – 7/25/2017

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