Serrano's | East Glacier, Montana

Located in beautiful East Glacier, Montana, the eastern gateway to Glacier National Park, Serrano's is the local's favorite, but not a well kept secret. Serrano's specializes in foods of Mexico and the southwest. Serrano's uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients available and offers gorgeous patio seating and delicious margaritas!

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Latitude: 48.571759 Longitude: -113.149994
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Full Description of Establishment

Serrano's restaurant is part of an original house built by Tom Dawson in 1909. Dawson was a mountaineer and early explorer of the area that would one day become Glacier National Park. This building's primary use was to house workers constructing the railroad depot and Glacier Park Lodge. This is the oldest house left standing in East Glacier Park.

During the early 1920's, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boyington purchased the property and added cabins in the back yard. They operated the Log Cabin Inn at that time. In 1927, Roy and Mildred Nelson bought the Inn, and it was operated under that same name until 1935. In that year Natalie (Edkins) Brinkman, Tom Dawson's granddaughter, purchased the property. The current Serrano's owners found several old key chains under the house that say "Brinkman Auto Court," which leads them to believe Natalie operated the business under that name.

There have been three other sets of owners since the 1950's, each having made various changes to the original home's appearance. The current owners, Pat and Renée Schur, purchased the home from Robben Sipes in 1990. They have remodeled the three remaining cabins, put in bunkbeds and opened The Backpackers Inn. Next, they re-faced the outside front, remodeled the kitchen, put in public restrooms, and started Serrano's Mexican Restaurant. This historical building has undergone many, many changes. Now it is being used for what it was originally intended - a restaurant and inn… as far as we know!

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Establishment Style

Casual Family Dining

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Seasons and Months Open

May 1 - September 30

Driving Directions

29 Dawson Ave

East Glacier Park, Montana 

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