Shoreline Clean Up

Don’t let wind blow that litter away! Park volunteers are teaming up with Awesome Adventures to scour Waterton’s shorelines for litter at two popular lake bays as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Pitch in as we work to keep the park litter-free. Thanks to Awesome Adventures for kick-starting this event. They organize the underwater divers and Parks Canada organizes the shoreline volunteers.


  • Able to perform repetitive, light physical labour (bending over, picking up)
  • Comfortable working along the shoreline at the edge of a lake, including supervising your own children there
  • Be prepared for a half-day outside along the shoreline. Bring your rubber boots and a spare change of socks and pants, just in case.

Volunteer duties:

  • Hike along shorelines to pick up and bag litter or collect litter from the divers as they bring it out to the shoreline
  • Garbage bags and dish gloves or similar waterproof gloves provided by the park


Latitude: 49.083333 Longitude: -113.916667 Elevation: 6605 ft
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Dates for Volunteer Opportunity

9/9/2017 – 9/9/2017

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