Toby Creek

This creek is a beautiful run off from the Jumbo Glacier. It is a continuous class 2-3 river that is more technical in nature. It really helps intermediates go from floating downstream at the river’s mercy to being able to propel your boat from one eddy to another and zig zag from behind one rock to another. If you are a new intermediate kayaker or stand up paddle boarder attempt this run in the late summer when the water is not as pushy. The river finishes right at the base of Panorama’s ski resort before becoming a class 5 canyon. So be sure to catch the beer eddy at the resort unless you are prepared to run committing class 5+ rapids!

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Latitude: 50.339865 Longitude: -116.424919 Elevation: 4672 ft
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Typical Class of Water


Access Points

Access Toby Creek near Panorama Mountain Resort approximately 30 minutes west of Invermere, B.C.

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