Waterton-Glacier Science & History Day | Alberta & Montana

Every summer, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park presents a special all-day program featuring eight presentations highlighting science and history in the peace park and the surrounding Crown region. This event brings together scientists and historians conducting research in Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, giving them an opportunity to share their insights and research results with the public. Topics vary from the latest wildlife research to archaeological surveys to fisheries investigations to ecological restoration and more. The event is co-organized by staff at Waterton Lakes National Park and the Crown of the Continent Research Learning CenterClick here for details about this year's conference.

Admission to the respective park still applies, but the all-day event is free and open to everyone.

Consider bringing a bagged lunch to optimize your time visiting with fellow enthusiasts during the lunch break. Refreshments are provided by the host park mid-morning and afternoon.

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Latitude: 48.501467 Longitude: -113.98319 Elevation: 3187 ft
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Event Dates

7/23/2019 – 7/23/2019

Admission Fee (if any)


Ages Festival is Appropriate For

All ages welcome, but best suited to ages 14 and up.

Event Setting

The location of the event typically alternates between the two parks on an annual basis. It is held at the Falls Theatre in Waterton Townsite in even years and at the St. Mary Visitor Center in Glacier National Park in odd years, typically in late July or early August. ******2019 EVENT will be in Glacier National Park******  The presentations are held indoors beginning at 9:30am and running to 3:30pm, but you can step outside during breaks. We encourage you to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy outside during the noon break, so you don't miss any of the afternoon sessions. Restaurants are also available in both Glacier and Waterton.

Driving Directions

Waterton Lakes National Park Year: To access the Falls Theatre at Waterton Townsite, take Alberta Highway 5 West to Waterton Lakes National Park. If you continue straight as you enter Waterton Townsite, you will be on Evergreen Avenue. Stay on Evergreen Avenue (keep bearing right) until you cross the Cameron Creek bridge just below Cameron Falls. You will find parking on the left within a quarter mile and foot-trails leading to the Falls Theatre.

Glacier National Park Year: To access event you will need to go to St. Mary Visitor Center in Glacier National Park.

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