Stories of the Crown

Storytelling has happened for centuries in the Crown of the Continent. Customs, history and heritage interwoven with the ever evolving landscape. It is with great pleasure we share the stories of our region. 

Crown Traverse: 600 Mile Mountain Journey

600 Miles, 2 Runners, and 1 Photographer share their journey after traversing the Crown of the Continent from Missoula, Montana to Banff, Alberta.

My Heart is in the Crown of the Continent

A childhood resident of the Waterton Park region explains why she moved back home to carry on her father's legacy.

First Woman Jammer

Trina Poppens tells her story of being the first woman driver of the famed red tourist buses in Glacier National Park.

Like butterflies? Like a wolf.

Biologist Cristina Eisenberg has spent years studying “trophic cascades” – literally the flow of energy through ecosystems – and along the way has laid bare many surprising strands connecting the web of life.

Storytellers Paradise -- Crown of the Continent

In the Crown of the Continent, story is one natural resource that seems in ample supply, which grows richer the more we use it.

Wolf and Pups: Wildlife Remote Video Series

Watch a family of wolves slip through the forest, far from human eyes, in our Wildlife Remote Video Series, produced by the U.S. Geological Survey starring the wild critters of Glacier National Park.